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Policy Statement and Business Practices

Our clients often have questions about our business practices and policies. This document addresses the most common questions.  Our intent is to help you understand our practices, so that we can better serve your needs as a professional consulting engineer.  Thank you for considering us to help you.

Rates - Our rates are $250 per hour ($2,000 per eight hour per day), plus expenses. We have a four-hour minimum in the Phoenix area and an eight-hour minimum elsewhere. We do not charge a premium for overtime, night shift, weekends, or holidays. Our rates are subject to change, but purchase orders received within the quotation validity date will be honored as quoted.

Expenses and Taxes - All expenses will be billed at actual cost with no markup. These expenses include all travel costs, test lab and subcontractor fees, and other expenses incurred for the client. As an independent contractor, we are responsible for our own employment taxes and associated state and local withholding taxes (if applicable.)  We will provide you with a Form W-9 to certify that your payments to us are not subject to backup withholding.  It is your responsibility to issue us a Form 1099-NEC by January 31st of the year following the payment for services and expenses. You must also send a copy of the Form 1099-NEC to the IRS by January 31st .)

Travel - Travel time is charged at our regular rates, as follows:
Local - Travel charge is based on actual portal-to-portal time from home to work site and from work site to home.
Out of town (Car Travel) - Travel charge is based on actual portal-to-portal time including home to hotel, hotel to home, hotel to work site, and work site to hotel. 
Out of town (Air Travel) - One full day of labor is added to the consultation fee for travel within the contiguous 48 states.
Outside Contiguous United States - To be determined.
Travel estimates will be provided in quotations, but all expenses will be invoiced at actual costs.  We normally make our own travel arrangements, but if made by client, they are subject to our approval.  We normally purchase "no-penalty" coach airline tickets.  Overseas travel is "business" class.

Quotations - Quotations are valid for 60 days, unless otherwise stated. All quotations are budgetary - not fixed price – and actual time and expenses will be billed. The quotation will not be exceeded, however, without client authorization.

Terms - Our efforts can proceed upon receipt of a purchase order or letter of authorization.   Payment terms are net 30 days upon invoice for clients with established credit.  Late payment fees are as follows:
1.5% of invoice amount for payment received 31 to 60 days after invoice
3.0% of invoice amount for payment received 61 to 90 days after invoice
1.5%/month of invoice amount for payment received later than 90 days after invoice.

Confidentiality and Non-Disclosure - All client information and communications are held in strict confidence. Client Non-Disclosure Agreements to this effect are normally acceptable, provided they do not contain clauses restricting our right to do business with others. In addition, client names are not released without prior approval nor do we use client names in our marketing materials.

Certifications and Insurance - If information disclosure, certifications, or insurance are required by the client, these must be forwarded to us for evaluation prior to issuing a quotation. Conditions transmitted subsequent to the start of work will invalidate the quotation, and subject the client to any incurred expenses. Specifically, the following conditions apply - (1) we do not disclose names or information (technical or financial) about any client without express consent of that client, (2) we do not submit to financial audit to any agency, public or private.

Performance and Cost Guarantees - Due to the highly uncertain nature of most EMI and TEMPEST problems, we are not able to provide guarantees of success, nor are we able to provide precise pass/fail guidelines. Often, the extent of the problem is not known until an initial evaluation has been made.  As such, all cost estimates are based on a level of effort, but estimates will not be exceeded without your prior approval.  You will always, however, receive our best professional efforts and advice in any consultation.

Security Clearance – Please contact us for information regarding the process for consulting on classified contracts.

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