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About Us

Mr. Harry W. Gaul is the Managing Director of Tabar Gaul LLC.  Mr. Gaul is a Registered Investment Advisor and holds a Series 65 license.  He attained his MBA degree from Arizona State University and is a licensed Professional Engineer in the State of Arizona.  His 30 years of work in engineering gives him an analytical background that is valuable in assessing the merits of various investment strategies and fund performance.

Mr. Gaul decided to become an Investment Advisor as an encore career following a very successful and distinguished career at Motorola and General Dynamics.  He saw his own 401k funds languish during several bear markets and he became disenchanted with the way his stockbrokers were all too eager to put him into high fee mutual funds instead of no-load mutual funds and low-fee ETF’s.  After this experience, he decided that he could help others avoid the trap of the “standard of suitability” that stockbrokers adhere to. Instead he offers personal services based on the “fiduciary standard” where the advisor manages the client’s funds in the best interests of the client.


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