TabarGaul LLC, Investment
A Registered Investment Advisor (RIA)

Our Services

Fee-Based - Investment Supervisory Services:

We offer fee-based ongoing portfolio management services based on your individual goals, objectives, and time horizon.  The services typically include the following:

  • Investment Strategy
  • Target Asset Allocation
  • Risk Tolerance Assessment
  • Asset Selection
  • Regular Portfolio Monitoring

The fee for Investment Supervisory Services is based on the amount of assets under management in accordance with the following table.  The fee is paid quarterly in arrears and you may terminate your contract with thirty days’ notice.  Additional information is available in the Tabar Gaul LLC ADV Form 2A

Total Assets Under Management Annual Fee as % of Assets
First $3,000,000 in Assets 1.00%
Additional Assets Above $3,000,000 0.75%

Hourly-Based - Financial Planning and Consulting Services

We also offer Financial Planning and Consulting Services on an hourly basis at $150 an hour.  These services are intended for clients that do not want to engage in fee-based portfolio management services.  Services include, but are not limited to, a review of all applicable topics such as Wills, Estate Plan/Trusts, Investments, Taxes, and Insurance.  The client is under no obligation to act upon our recommendations.  If the client elects to act upon any of our recommendations, then the client is under no obligation to effect the transaction through us.

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