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We are an independent Financial Planning and Investment Management firm.  Although our headquarters are in Gilbert, AZ, we do have clients located across the United States.  We specialize in low-cost, long-term investing to ensure the success of our clients.  We take the worry out of investing so that you can sleep easily at night.

We feel the client should be the one to direct which firm will hold the client's investments. Typically, we recommend the Vanguard Group as one of the best choices for your brokerage account based on their very low transaction fees, which are free for Vanguard mutual funds and ETF's and typically only $7 for funds from other companies such as iShares. The Vanguard Group has been the low-cost leader for many decades by taking advantage of their unique structure where they are owned by their funds, and thus collectively owned by the fund shareholders. Vanguard provides services and operates their funds at cost with any "profits" fed back to their fund investors in the form of lower expense ratios. Every year it is common to see reductions in the expense ratios (management fees) of various Vanguard funds. We know of no other company that can afford to match Vanguard on their low-cost approach to investing.

What we won’t do is sell you annuities.  “Why” you may ask?  The truth is that the annuity salesman and annuity companies have the most to gain with selling annuities.  Annuities are very complex products and are almost always loaded with high fees.  Even worse, most annuities don’t adjust for inflation.  With long-term inflation averaging around 3% per year, your current standard of living will cost twice as much in 24 years' time. Investing in the stock market becomes a necessity to keep up with inflation unless you are prepared to cut back on expenses as you age.  For further information on annuities, we recommend an excellent article written by James W. Watkins, III, J.D., CFP®, AWMA® called "Variable Annuities - Reading Between the Marketing Lines".

Our initial consultation and portfolio review are entirely free.  So please contact us so that we can begin to develop your long-range investment strategy and an intelligent plan for its implementation.

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